Steroid Use In World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

Anabolic steroids get a bad rap. Is “roid rage” even legit ? Or are some anabolic steroid users simply emotionally unstable to begin with ?

Using Anabolic supplements for cosmetic reasons should not be considered unethical when we live is a world full of breast implants, bleached teeth, tattoos, and some brutal body modification procedures.

Roid Rage. Is it real ? What about the story of WWE Super Star Chris Benoit? The investigating agencies found several controlled substances, including injectable anabolic steroids, in Benoit’s home. The agencies also revealed that Benoit was an excessive buyer of injectable steroids.


Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy, and their 7-year-old son Daniel were found dead in their Fayetteville, Georgia home on June 25, 2007. According to the subsequent investigations, Benoit murdered his wife by strangling her, and then killed his son before hanging himself in the house’s weight room.


benoit-bought-excessive-steroidsThe post Benoit Tragedy revelations just indicated that the pro wrestler was in steroid use. According to some experts, roid rage might have played part in the Benoit Tragedy.
The revealings also put a big question mark on the WWE policy on steroid use.

Gary Davis, the WWE spokesperson stated that WWE was shocked at latest developments in Benoit tragedy.

benoit-killer-wrestler-on-steroids-family-sedatedThe statement read, “Toxicology tests have not even been completed so there is no current evidence that Benoit even had steroids or any other substance in his body. In that regard, on the last test done on Benoit by WWE’s independently administered drug testing program, done on April 10, 2007, Benoit tested negative.”

benoit-suffered-striking-levels-of-brain-damageAccording to Davis, WWE has strict policy against steroid use. Under the policy against steroid use a Talent Wellness Program was instituted in February 2006.

The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) policy on steroids disallows any kind of steroid use – whether anabolic steroids and HGH – in the WWE sports.

The WWE policy against steroid use prohibits the use of performance-enhancing drugs, as well as other prescription drugs which can be abused, if taken for other than a legitimate medical purpose pursuant to a valid prescription from a licensed and treating physician.


For legitimate steroid use for medical purposes, the WWE does not support the prescriptions obtained over the Internet and/or from suppliers of prescription drugs from the Internet.

According to the WWE spokesperson, no WWE wrestlers has been tested positive for steroid use or any of the banned substances since the policy was implemented. If it’s true, what were controlled drugs including injectable anabolic steroids doing at Benoit’s home.


There had always been reports contrary to the WWE steroid use policy. Eddie Guerrero, who died on Nov. 13, 2005, in a Minneapolis hotel room, was also reported using steroids. Eddie died due to what a medical examiner later ruled as heart disease, complicated by an enlarged heart resulting from a history of anabolic steroid use.