Rashid Ramzi, Track and Field Athlete Busted for Blood Doping

Erythropoietin – Atheletes Busted Using “EPO”

Rashid Ramzi showed that he was one of the elite athletes in his sport after winning the 800- and 1500-meter races at the 2005 World Championships, becoming the first man to ever win both events at the competition. A few years later, he won a gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing—the first ever for the nation of Bahrain—but that accomplishment soon was taken away after Ramzi tested positive for the banned blood-boosting substance CERA, and was stripped of his medal.

What Performance Enhancer Did He Use ?

CERA is Continuous Erythropoietin Receptor Activator falls under a  variety of agents have been used to manipulate hemoglobin levels. The basic aim is that by that increasing oxygen delivery through elevating hemoglobin levels will augment maximum oxygen uptake and perhaps more importantly for endurance events increase the workload at which anaerobic threshold  is reached.


Why Has Blood Doping Become So Common

Sports have grown to be so important that large amounts of money are now involved, and the pressure to win have steadily increased. Cheating has become a threat to all sports, with some sports being more susceptible to it than others. Cheating by use of medicines has understandably taken place outside the realm of clinical pharmacology and evidence-based medicine. We question whether this is desirable, because uncontrolled use of a substance involves risks for the users, irrespective of such a substance being used legally or illegally.

Other Athletes Busted Using Erythropoietin

The use of recombinant human erythropoietin has become common place in cycling, a sport that has had many reports of cheating, in the last decade. The sport has seen many suspicions and suspensions. Many of the major champions in cycling have been associated with, or suspended for, use of blood doping. In the Tour de France of 1998, the entire Festina team, as well as the TVM team, was taken out of the race on suspicion of rHuEPO use.

This Tour was later given the name ‘Tour du Dopage’, and many confessions of systematic doping use throughout the peloton were given. In spite of this, later champions in the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España have also been suspended because of proof of blood doping, but the code of silence, also called ‘omerta’, was never broken.

Lance Armstrong – The Most Popular Athlete Busted Using Erythropoietin

Seven years after the last of seven consecutive Tour de France wins, one of the most successful road cyclists ever, Lance Armstrong, has been suspended for life by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) on charges of doping (e.g. rHuEPO) use and trafficking. This was the biggest doping case ever, backed by confessions of many of his teammates